The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System provides:
• viewLinc software for real-time monitoring and alarming of temperature, humidity and other parameters
• Alarms are sent via onscreen alert, email, SMS, alarm towers, relay to alarm service, and voice calls
• Automated historical and alarm reports are saved to viewLinc’s secure server
• Data loggers connect easily — wired, PoE, Wi-Fi, or VaiNet long-range wireless
• Scalable from one to thousands of sensing devices
• Reliable, redundant recording runs parallel to control systems for simplified validation
• OPC UA and API provide options to integrate viewLinc to other systems
• Optional on-site calibration services ensure accurate temperature and humidity records
Ideal for monitoring temperature, humidity and more in:
• GxP Environments & Life Science Applications
• Calibration Laboratories
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Cleanrooms
• Data Centers & Equipment Rooms
• Museums & Archives
• Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Distribution
• Chart Recorder Replacement

For further details please click here to visit the website.

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